Sunday, May 9, 2010

Insanity Week 4: "How Do You Feel?"

"I feel like sh*t."

It's been a tough week guys. You know the saying "When it rains, it pours"? Well - that's been my week. Every single day it seemed that something bad happened to me. And no matter how much I tried to put them out of my mind or to overcome and move on - they still managed to bring me down. They even affected some of my workouts. All through the workout, I'd be thinking about what was bugging me and not focusing on my workout.

But I still got every workout in. And actually, I found that once I was done the workout - I felt better. The problems still existed and they still bothered me, but after my workout they bothered me a little less. What seemed like something colossal and unmanageable became more of an annoyance that I had to deal with rather than an impossible mountain I could never climb.

My diet has slipped in the past couple days. What with birthdays and parties and emotional eating, I've had more cake and ice cream than I should have and definitely more alcohol than is safe for any diet. But I'm ok with that. We have to let ourselves slide every once in a while for special occasions. So long as that every once in a while IS actually once in a while and not once every couple days. I'm ready to put this awful week behind me and get back on track with my eating and my mindset. My wanting to get fit is something I do for me. I have to do it, no one else can. I can't let outside forces bring me down and stop me from reaching my goal. Even when I'm sad, or hurt, or upset, or tired - none of these are reasons to stop working on my goal. Because I know that ultimately - what will make me happy is reaching that goal and letting other people hold me back is just stupid.

I'll be doing the Shakeology cleanse to make up for a weekend of debauchery. Hopefully it will undo any damage I may have done this weekend :)

Sweet Charity

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