Friday, January 22, 2010

Week 2 - If this were my job, I'd be both rich and skinny by now

Well, my goal for week 2 was an epic fail. I did not have all my meals prepared the night before which led to me scrambling in the morning to quickly throw together something suitable for breakfast and lunch. I'm going to have to work on that.
As far as working out everyday...well, almost but not quite. Technically, friday should be my rest or stretch day. This week - I was just not feeling wednesday. Could not motivate myself to do anything at all, so I agreed with myself to take it as a rest day, finish the workouts on thursday and friday and just start the next week on saturday. In essence - I moved my rest day up. Well, thursday rolled around and - bam - severe pain in my lower, right back. If anyone has ever had a kidney infection (I have) it felt EXACTLY like that. And since I had been battling symptoms of a urinary tract inection all week, a kidney infection would've made a lot of sense. Now - I do not have insurance and thusly avoid going to the doctor at all costs. This incapacitating pain had me laying in bed on my left side and chugging water and cranberry juice like there was no tomorrow.
So - happily - I am feeling much better today. I don't know what that was but I think if it was an actual kidney infection, the pain would not have gone away so quickly. I am putting aside the fact that I missed two days in a row of working out and drank my own body weight in high calorie cranberry juice. It was 100% juice, which is good - but that does not negate the fact that juices are high in sugar. Albeit natural sugar, but sugar none-the-less. But sometimes ish happens, and I'd honestly rather not lose a pound this week than land myself in the hospital with a ginormous bill.
I saw the new informercial for P90X this morning. These infomercials serve both to piss me off and motivate me. How come all those people got their results in 90 days? How come I have to do round two to look halfway as good? WHY HAVE I BEEN DIETING AND WORKING OUT FOR TEN YEARS AND AM STILL NOT WHERE I WANT TO BE?!>!@*#^&#$((@??? So yes, it's very frustrating. But I will keep trucking on and trying harder. The goal for the upcoming week: 100% clean eating on weekdays and putting more energy into my workouts. I know from experience that the weight loss is truly gonna come from my diet, so I need to get that ish together barring any unforseen organ infections next week.
It's always hard for me to realize how much I have done. I'm wearing a pair of old pants today that have gotten too big just so that I'm in something loose and not irritating my bladder, kidney or anything else that has been given me trouble. They are seriously loose, large and unflattering - but comfortable. Next best thing to sweatpants for a workday. It should make me happy that these pants that once fit, are now practically falling off of me - but all I can think is that I'm exaggerating my progress. "Did these pants ever fit? Or where they big when I bought them?" I don't think I'll be happy until I'm like Jared from Subway and put old pants on and they fall down to my ankles.
I'm so jealous of famous people like Beyonce and Britney who get paid to be fit. It's structured into their work day. I wish I got paid to just work out and look good. That'd be sweet!

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