Saturday, February 27, 2010

Week 7 - I actually missed the gym?

Yeah, that's right - I said it. I forgot how much I liked working out at the gym until I made my triumphant return this week. I'm still doing my P90X at home workouts, but I doulbe some days up with cardio on the treadmill and elliptical. And kickboxing classes which apperently still kickbox my butt. I REALLY need to work on my cardiovascular endurance.

Well, I'm another pound down this week. Woohoo! Foks, I gotta tell you - while I think I've been at this number on the scale before, it's never been with this body. So I am officially the smallest I've been in recent memory, meaning every pound I lose from here on out will continue to make me the smallest I've ever been. I think that's very cool. More importantly - I am only ten pounds away from my goal weight! I mean, I'm sure my goals will change once I hit that goal weight - but just hitting the goal weight that I've had for ten years will be such a huge accomplishment.

I've started my spring cleaning because there's far too much crap in my closet. I love it when stuff I used to wear is too big, it's like "ok, I'm not imagining things, I'm getting smaller". My favorites include the dresses I have that were made specifically for me. Lots of things I have s-t-r-e-t-c-h so they still kind of fit even though I lost weight. They just aren't as tight. But the dresses I've had made for me - they were made to fit my body at the time. How many people can fit into something they wore in the 6th grade? And it's actually too big! I guess most people weren't fatter in the 6th grade than they are as adults. I also love my prom dress from Jr. year which now feels like a tent on me. That's my go-to dress when I'm having a fat day. I think about how I feel in that dress.

Today was my rest day and it's a good thing it snowed. Otherwise I would have had to talk myself out of going to the gym. (Rest and recovery days are super important people. Skipping them will slow down your progress.) The snow cancelled any desire I may have had to leave the house. And I'm still very impatient. I still want the perfect body yesterday. But I'm happy to feel as though I'm making progress. I'm happy to have a routine to stick to again. I'm happy to know that I can crave the hell out of a cupcake - that doesn't mean I've got to eat one. And I'm really happy that I like vegetables because I don't know how people who don't like them stick to clean eating. Seriously. Most of all, I'm happy that I get my cheat meal tomorrow!

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