Friday, February 5, 2010

Week 4 - If My Body Needs Water So Badly, How Come It Doesn't Hold On To Any Of It?

I've been trying to get 8-10 glasses of water a day. Seriously, I have to pee about a million times a day. It's so annoying. And my skin doesn't look any better, but whatever. So, I'm proud to say that all of my meals this week were prepared ahead of time! Yay! No last minute scrambling for me. It seriously made things so much easier. I'm also doing an eating clean challenge that has me stapled to the top two tiers of Michi's ladder. No more little cheats here and there. I am allowed one cheat meal, and I haven't taken it yet. I saved it for saturday, so I've been eating clean alllll week. I know when most people start eating better and drinking water - they comment on how much better they feel! I can't really say I feel that much different on a day to day basis. My body doesn't feel thinner, I don't feel lighter. Aside from having to pee a lot and being super regular, I don't feel too different. Well, I guess that's not entirely true - I have been sleeping better and not feeling as tired when I wake up. Even on the nights I wake up at 3am to pee (and yes that's happened a few times) I still don't feel exhausted when I wake up anymore.
I've also got my motivation back. I mentioned how hard it was before to get on a routine, and I think I've done it this week. Ate clean every day, had my meals prepared before hand, worked out at least once if not twice every day - that's routine baby. And I'm happy to have it back. It's much easier when it's like you don't have a choice. Kind of like a job - whether I want to or not, if I want to pay my bills, I have to go to work. Well, like it or not - if I want certain results with my body, I have to eat right and work out.
I'm still frustrated that all the strength I built up from P90X seems to just have gone away. I had awesome guns at the end of the summer that are currently nowhere to be seen. I could do at least 25 for real push ups with no problem, and now hitting 20 from my knees is a challenge. I guess maintenance is more important than I realized. I miss my arm muscles, they were cool - I'm gettin those suckers back. Phase II of the X starts on Saturday. I'm going back to Classic with a little Slim in 6 thrown in too. I need to conquer that leg workout since I currently epicly suck at it. Onward and upward. Well, downward on the scale hopefully...

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